my name is hafiz :)



my name is Ahmad Nor Hafiz bin Ahmad Noorani. I'm 20 years old and been school at smk temenggong kati. I was the youngest among 6 of my siblings. interested in music and photography, I have my own music studio. music became part of my life. my siblings are all musicians. i have born to the family who love music. I have been teached about music since i was young.

My interest in photography started since form 3. i begin by only use compact camera. after finished study in form 5, i continue my education at Kolej Komuniti Jasin melaka on basic photography for 6 month. at the beginning, i has use nikon camera type D3100. Begin with shooting the portraite of nana shamupy, my first model, i begin fall in love to the portraite photography field. I made photography as my hobby and part-time work. now i has use nikon D5100 camera and like to use the beginner camera because i was not the professional photographer. I was learning yet the art of photography....